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Gamification and IoT

Vasilis Gkogkidis is a gamification consultant working with JFDI’s partner company and leading gamification consultancy Gamification+. Here’s his take on how gamification and the internet of things relate to each other.

SharePoint Thing-A-Day

Our Technical Director Joel has lots to say about SharePoint. So he created a series of short informative videos. One per day. It’s #SPThingADay!

Case Study: Utility Company R&D

A leading UK utility company came to JFDI with key questions: could they do smart metering without the massive infrastructure investment? And could they engage & incentivise consumers to make usage savings too?

BMW Joins Cars to The Internet of Things

BMW is the first car manufacturer to join its cars to the Internet of Things, with its BMW Labs IFTTT Widget for Connected Drive. See what JFDI’s R&D Director Jon Silver did with this new technology.

JFDI: Automate Everything

We create software systems and automate business processes.

We link your systems to the physical world – through the Internet of Things.

We’re your technology think-tank, and your R&D engineers.


JFDI is consultancy-led. You tell us your requirements, we advise what to do. If you don’t know your requirements, our team of consultants and business analysts can glean the relevant details. We talk both business and technology, and we can bridge the gap between them for decision makers at board level.

Software Engineering

JFDI automates everything by creating software. We can write stand-alone systems to automate entire business processes; systems based upon existing platforms like SharePoint; or middleware, to bridge gaps between systems and get data flowing automatically from one place to another.