• Research & Development

    JFDI is consultancy-led. You tell us your requirements, we advise what to do. If you don’t know your requirements, our team of consultants and business analysts can glean the relevant details. We bridge business & technology for decision makers.

  • Software Engineering

    JFDI automates everything by creating software. We can automate entire business processes; extend existing platforms like SharePoint; to bridge gaps between systems and get data flowing automatically from one place to another.

  • Mentoring & Education

    JFDI builds knowledge-transfer into every service & every client interaction. We mentor & educate, enabling our clients to make more informed decisions around technology & automation, both now and in the future.

Automate Everything & Motivate Everyone


  • We expand the reach of systems to include Artificial Intelligence
  • We extend, join & customise collaborative platforms to create tightly integrated solutions
  • We create automation to keep data flowing between your systems 24x7x365
  • We link your systems to the physical world – through the Internet of Things
  • We create software systems and automate business processes
  • Automation isn’t about replacing jobs; it’s about liberating human potential


  • We’re your technology think-tank and a strategic IT advisor
  • The tools we implement today will propel innovation for the future
  • When systems work for people, people do their best work
  • The future belongs to those who see the possibilities of technology and have the courage to pursue them
  • There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we work together and utilise the latest advancements in AI and software
  • Collaboration is key to solving complex problems


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Ethical and Principled

JFDI was founded on strong values which have evolved & strengthened into a driving philosophy

  • We conduct our business ethically, human to human

  • We are selective about our clients and their business activities

  • We always look after our clients' and employees’ best interests