Automate Everything is our initiative to increase the business adoption of automation. Traditional automation joins up systems, but we can now expand the reach of systems to include Artificial Intelligence in the physical world

Automate Everything combines cloud computing, middleware, AI and the Internet of Things

But more than that, it’s a philosophy. JFDI’s founders believe that most processes are better when automated. Consequently, business performance improves too. Automation can be achieved with software, hardware or firmware. Therefore we’ve embraced all of those areas. We’ve pushed our R&D to get the best from each breed of an automation platform

Automation reduces errors, improves accuracy, reduces delays and removes tedium. Automation is beneficial for everyone at every level of an enterprise

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  • Aardvark for Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a great place for working together. But there’s nowhere to manage your processes. That’s where Aardvark comes in. Manage any process in the same collaborative workspace you use for everything else.

  • AutoTag

    AutoTag is an automation feature to apply metadata to items or documents across SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server. Centrally manage and consistently apply metadata to documents automatically within your SharePoint lists and libraries.

  • Research & Development

    JFDI is consultancy-led. You tell us your requirements, we advise what to do. If you don’t know your requirements, our team of consultants and business analysts can glean the relevant details. We bridge business & technology for decision makers.