It’s not about turning everything into a game. Gamification means observing what makes games so engaging and applying the same techniques to business software design. Instead, it’s a way of thinking about implementing tasks and processes so that people are fully engaged and motivated.

Through Gamification, we aim to improve the user experience of human-systems interactions. For example, we can even change user behaviours.

In collaboration with our partners at leading Gamification consultancy Gamification+, we’ve created some pretty cool tools and techniques for gamifying SharePoint Intranets and other business systems. Motivate Everyone is woven into our Consultancy, Software Engineering and Training offerings.

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  • Aardvark for Microsoft Teams for Gamification+

    GAMIFICATION+ are globally recognised leaders in gamification consultancy and training. Members of the team have collectively spoken at more than 150 events and trained more than 10,000 people in the use of gamification.

  • Consultancy

    We focus on what technology can do for your business, leaving you to focus on what your business can do with the technology

  • Products

    Our R&D activities have resulted in several groundbreaking products and packaged services.