• 20 Months of climate impact

  • 337.72 tons Carbon reduction

  • 4,014 Trees in their forest

Sustainability goals met

They are always part of the culture and ecosystem at JFDI. When operating from the offices in Brighton, we took advantage wherever possible to consolidate, automate, and optimise the building facilities. Using #Bobb, our automation and orchestration service, to reduce all types of energy usage. Now in use for our home working environments

Our funding is directly impacting atmospheric CO2 levels in Chile, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Thailand, Brazil, Honduras, South Africa, Tanzania, Mexico and Bulgaria

Below are just some of the worldwide climate projects JFDI are currently supporting:

  • Waste biomass to produce electricity

    Producing electricity from industrial waste biomass in Chile

    67.285 Tonnes of CO2 AVOIDED

  • Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia

    Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia

    1.94 Tonnes of CO2 AVOIDED

  • Onshore wind in India

    Producing 8.4MW of renewable electricity through wind power in India

    7.77 Tonnes of CO2 AVOIDED

  • Renewable wind energy in Bulgaria

    Harnessing the power of wind energy to produce electricity in Bulgaria

    55 Tonnes of CO2