Time is Precious. JFDI.

Small savings of time don’t just add up; they multiply.

JFDI is all about time. Because your time is finite, and you only get one shot at life.

There’ll be a last time for everything, and we’d love to help you & your people make the most of all your time before that moment comes.

The right technology gives us time to think; saves us time; allows us to do more with our time. 

In early March 2020, with a Covid-19 lockdown imminent, we decided to adopt full-time home-working. We consulted with our people, invested in technology, and helped everyone optimise their working environments. The results are amazing.

Staff productivity is up. Sick days are down. Revenues are up. Clients are delighted even more often. And several of our people have been able to spend over 360 hours more with their families in the nine months to November 2020, which is better for everyone.

This was only possible because we invested in the right technologies and management protocols at the right time, with 100% staff buy-in. 

You pay your staff well. You expect a lot from them.

Give them the right tools and you give them superpowers.

Elevate work. Banish tedium. Eliminate repetition.

Automation should lead to better, more humane work, not an end to work.