What does JFDI mean?

We often get asked what JFDI means.

If you’ve been around in the IT industry for many years, you’ll probably know what JFDI means… Just F’ing Do It. And whilst that might describe our attitude towards problem-solving, it’s far from the whole story of us. Certainly we don’t understand why so many vendors make mountains out of molehills, except perhaps to make things look more complicated than they really are to get more money out of their clients.

Years ago, before JFDI Consulting was born, we rescued a client’s project by working day and night over a weekend. We replaced the entire failed codebase developed over months by another supplier and due to go live on Monday. The CTO of the culprit supplier accused us of having a JFDI attitude. Well, we thought, if that’s what it takes to rescue a failing project instead of standing back and watching it all crash and burn, we’ll take that.

But usually our approach is more measured. We use almost exclusively Agile Scrum methods to run software engineering projects. The client is involved as much as they want to be, which is preferably quite often. Wireframes, walk throughs and proofs of concept are employed to ensure we’re on track with the client’s requirements.

We don’t take lightly our missions to Motivate Everyone and Automate Everything either. The JFDI principle drives our research and development efforts, leading us into areas not explored by our competitors. In this way, more of our clients’ needs can be fulfilled with systems that deliver measurable improvements to business performance.  

JFDI may be a controversial acronym, but we like it. It reminds us and our clients why we’re different.