We often get asked what JFDI means.

If you’ve been around in the IT industry for many years, you’ll probably know what JFDI means… Just F’ing Do It.

The meaning behind our company name JFDI represents an attitude that shaped our origin. Years ago, we rescued a client’s failing project by scrapping months of problematic code and rebuilding it just in time for launch. This was only possible by working day and night with unwavering determination.

The supplier behind the original failed code accused us of having a “Just F’ing Do It” mentality. At first, we wore that as a badge of honor. It spoke to the urgency and grit needed to solve tough problems. But over time, we realised JFDI was more than just reckless action.

Today, JFDI still guides our focus on outcomes for clients. But it’s balanced with diligent planning and frequent collaboration. We use Agile Scrum methods to actively involve clients and meet their needs efficiently. This discipline allows us to deliver robust solutions on time without cutting corners.

JFDI also powers our quest to Automate Everything and Motivate Everyone. We continually research emerging technologies to enhance our systems beyond competitors. Our innovations provide measurable benefits that energise our clients’ organisations technical abilities.

While JFDI has controversial roots, its spirit of determination lives on. It motivates us to question norms, take ownership of challenges, and find new ways to fulfill clients’ missions. Our story shows that, with the right attitude and vision, the boldest goals can be achieved. JFDI keeps us moving forward.

Do you just want to do it?

You too can benefit from the JFDI way…

  • JFDI’s Application Framework

    Guiding you through the bespoke software development process from inception to post deployment support, we provide the software engineers and delivery expertise to ensure your project completes on time and within budget – however complex it is

  • Mentoring & Education

    JFDI builds knowledge-transfer into every service & every client interaction. We mentor & educate, enabling our clients to make more informed decisions around technology & automation, both now and in the future.

  • Research & Development

    JFDI is consultancy-led. You tell us your requirements, we advise what to do. If you don’t know your requirements, our team of consultants and business analysts can glean the relevant details. We bridge business & technology for decision makers.