Guiding you through the bespoke software development process

From inception to post-deployment support, we provide the software engineers and delivery expertise to ensure your project completes on time and within budget – however complex it is

Implement application improvements and enhancements

Participate as a member of a cross-functional Agile project team to design, implement, test and support Appian applications

Apply creative thinking in the design and development of solutions

Produce design and requirements based on the results of interacting with customers and building prototypes

Development leads to in-house and 3rd party Appian developers

Unit test and review changes to / creation of objects/processes developed by self and peers

Support and troubleshoot deployed production applications

Including assistance with enterprise systems integration designs, such as database and web services

User-Centric Design

JFDI will harness user-driven development as a framework of a process to derive usability goals, user characteristics, environmental measures, and tasks from defining workflows for a product, service or process, which are all given extensive attention at each stage of our design process

Our Enterprise Developers Are Appian Veterans

Their extensive analytical and technical backgrounds combined with creativity and passion allow for providing immediate answers to the art of what is possible and to solving any problem utilising JFDIs’ intelligent and effective software components

What is JFDI’s Appian strategy to ensure a successful deployment?

We have developed a deployment strategy in-house using Appian functionality in conjunction with our experience to create robust deployment plans

Every aspect of the deployment is managed carefully and includes: –

  • Review of the development work completed
  • Impact analysis on target environment (performance and functionality)
  • Backup of existing Applications and Data
  • Impact on the end user (System usability and availability)
  • Post-deployment testing and support

Deployments are planned and executed in consultation with a steering group to identify the best window of opportunity to minimise end-user disruption

A typical JFDI commissioned Appian project

One of our clients has an extensive customer base. They recognised that they needed to support their associate in following the guidance of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, which provides such standards on a sector-by-sector basis. Using Appian, JFDI created a high-level Guidance Tool which is integral to helping the client assess the most likely material ESG issues for a target company.

An Environmental, Social and Governance Application – within the financial sector of a private equity company.

Milestones observed

  • New requirements were reviewed

    Feasibility of work required to develop the known requirements – Is it possible, and how long will it take?

  • Development to testing

    After development is deployed to a test environment, JFDI works with dedicated test teams to ensure the functionality is fit for the purpose

  • Staging to production

    Once the testing phase was completed successfully, JFDI prepared the Go Live deployment from a test environment to the production

  • Performance analytics gathered

    Our support teams monitor all environments to ensure the applications are healthy. Reacting to and resolving any incidents that are observed or reported

  • Tracked the health of Appian sites

    Provisioning of key metrics, such as Disk space & Memory utilisation, Login page availability, VPN health, and Anti-virus alerts, helping to identify the Health & status of all Appian components

  • Uptime analysis

    Appian monitors on a 24×7 basis for server, infrastructure and performance metrics then JFDI reacts when there are issues. An uptime SLA is included with credits for violations