When microwave ovens first appeared, the hype was palpable. Cook anything quicker! People tried heating or cooking eggs, bread, pastries, crabs, and even drying their wet dogs. Soon reality set in. Chewy pastries, inedible eggs, exploded crabs, dead family pets. It was just new technology, not an answer to all your lifestyle woes. “Microwave meals” came and went.

Microwave Ovens - like RPA, when misused they're disastrous!
Microwave Ovens – like RPA, when misused they’re disastrous!

Robotic Process Automation is the new microwave. A technology looking for applications. You might have heard on the golf course that it’s what you need for all your #automation, but it’s not. It’s a massive box of sticking plasters. Effective automation requires a huge toolkit. But your focus should be on processes, not tools.

Don’t plan an RPA project, plan an automation project.

Always start with the business process. Define the process, its inputs, outputs, and subprocesses. Work out where the people fit in, and what they do within the process. Then work out an automation architecture based upon best-fit technologies.

Anything else is a focus on tools, not the process. And that’s bad for business.

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Here’s a video in which I explain How to Automate a Process properly: