Back in February, our R&D Director Jon Silver was invited to speak on AI & Automation at the Silicon Brighton event covering just this subject. His session was committed to video, accessible elsewhere on this site.

Then Jon was asked to repeat the talk for the Silicon Brighton NHS Fundraiser event held live and online on 7th May 2020. So he decided to upgrade the narrative and expand on some of the points he felt he’d not explained sufficiently the first time around. It was well-received on the day, generating a lot of conversation around automation. One viewer, Óskar Holm, said “​very impressive @Jon Silver, look forward to having this video posted, because I need to send it to some people I know.”

So here in all its 47-minute glory is that presentation. It serves as an introduction to all the available automation technologies, how they all fit together, what’s possible and practical with real-world examples and even costings, and an exploration of all the risks and rewards. It’s targeted at a non-technical, business-focused audience, but techies could benefit from watching it too. Enjoy! And let us know what you think!