After tentatively trying the new Microsoft Windows 7, we can report that it’s incredible. Even a 5 year old PC performs better and feels fast. A more modern 2008 quad-core PC with 4Gb RAM flies along. All those moments when you shouted at Vista “oh come on please” or similar exclamations with or without expletives… they’re gone. Even application software like MS Office 2007, Photoshop etc – all load faster & feel tons more responsive. No driver issues either, even on 64 bit Windows 7 and with specialised bits of hardware.

Hence, although we maintained an official policy of recommending the majority of our clients to avoid implementing Windows Vista unless absolutely necessary, we are wholeheartedly recommending to anyone running a compatible PC and Vista or XP that they upgrade as soon as possible.

Call JFDI if you need anything Windows 7.