Bobb puts the Smart into Smart Buildings.
Bobb puts the Smart into Smart Agriculture.
Bobb is the brain for the Internet of Things.

Bobb runs in The Cloud as a subscription service, in a shared tenancy or private instance. For secure communication with local-only devices or standalone offline operation, a Bobb-Local device is required.

  • Bobb unites all these disparate parts into one coherent system.

  • Bobb lets you know the bad news so you can act on it.

  • Bobb can track the locations of plants or products, or personnel.

  • To Bobb, any data source is a sensor. Bobb is aware of time, timezone, season and geography. Bobb knows about weather conditions, traffic conditions, and environmental conditions.

  • Bobb supports all leading Smart Homes, Smart buildings and Smart Agriculture systems. Bobb is supported by JFDI’s range of low-energy sensors, built to sense everything any business needs to know.

  • Bobb creates a single database of current & recent data, with a single set of rules working on that data.

Bobb Stories

Bobb is useful for so many things. So we thought we’d tell you how we’ve already used Bobb to solve real-world problems. Just click on a story below for a chapter-and-verse on what Bobb can do. There are loads more use cases out there… if you want to know if Bobb could solve your problems, let us know!

  • Bobb Stops Our Staff Roasting (or Freezing)

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  • Bobb Enables Predictive Maintenance, Scheduled Replacement & Imminent Breakdown Warnings

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  • Bobb contextualises raw data, enabling Machine Learning

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  • Bobb turns off dangerous equipment when people forget

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  • Bobb makes the incompatible compatible

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  • Bobb takes actions on incoming data

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  • Bobb enables multilayered security

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  • Family movie night made easy with Bobb

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  • Meeting/Presentation Time with Bobb

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  • The perfect working environment with Bobb

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  • Perfect lighting at any time of day with Bobb

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Bobb is an ideal platform for:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Factories
  • Smart Agriculture/Farming
  • Facilities Management
  • Smart Architecture
  • Smart Parking
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Retrofit Smart Tech
  • Design & Build
  • New Build
  • Smart Cities

Supported Hardware & Software

Bobb works with a vast range of hardware and software platforms that constantly expand. So if you’d like us to support something new, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Internet-Connected

  • Bobb-Local

  • Bobb-RF

  • Bobb-IR

  • Bobb-Announce

  • JFDI Labs Sensors