Research & Development Consultancy

Your outsourced IoT/IIoT R&D department

Custom research, design and development of process automation solutions for the physical world

Sensors, switches, actuators… 
physical world devices connected via the Internet.

That’s the Internet of Things.

The Challenge of IoT

The Internet of Things (and Industrial Internet of Things) brings new opportunities to automate business processes, but is opaque and impenetrable to the business leader.

That’s where we can help.

You start with an idea.


That idea sparks questions...


Can We?

We help you explore the world of the possible.


Should We?

We help you deliver value from investment.


We steer you through the technology maze.


We help you keep control of costs. 

Who do you ask?

We have a multidisciplinary approach to creating innovative solutions to real-world business problems.

We break each problem down into challenges, solving each challenge with the most appropriate technologies.

We combine knowledge with research and development to build proofs of concept and prototypes.

We apply agile project management techniques to keep you in control of costs and milestones.

A typical IoT R&D project comprises several elements:


Robust firmware design & engineering to ensure security, reliability & power economy.


Cloud based API & portal engineering implementing bank-level security & infinite scalability.


Best-of-breed low-cost microcontrollers and inexpensive sensors expertly combined.

3D Printing

Designing mounts & casings, rapidly designed & prototyped to withstand the real world.

Read a Case Study

To better understand what JFDI can do with even the sketchiest of IoT requirements, read one of our case studies. You’ll learn about the R&D process, and how we can turn a simple question of possibility into a whole world of new opportunities.

Case Study: Aardvark for Microsoft Teams for Gamification+

GAMIFICATION+ are globally recognised leaders in gamification consultancy and training. Members of the team have collectively spoken at more than 150 events and trained more than 10,000 people in the use of gamification.“I got Aardvark Sales for Teams up and running...

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