Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things brings new opportunities to automate business processes, but is opaque and impenetrable to the business leader

That’s where we can help.

We have a multidisciplinary approach to creating innovative solutions to real-world business problems.

We break each problem down into challenges, solving each challenge with the most appropriate technologies.

We combine knowledge with research and development to build proofs of concept and prototypes.

We apply agile project management techniques to keep you in control of costs and milestones.

You start with an idea. That idea sparks questions...

  • Can we?

    We help you explore the world of the possible.

  • Should we?

    We help you deliver value from the investment.

  • How?

    We steer you through the technology maze.

  • Cost?

    We help you keep control of costs.

Our R&D projects can comprise any of the following:

  • Cloud

    PaaS or Cloud-based APIs & portal engineering implementing bank-level security & infinite scalability.

  • Firmware

    Robust firmware design & engineering to ensure security, reliability & power economy.

  • Electronics

    Best-of-breed low-cost microcontrollers and inexpensive sensors expertly combined.

  • 3D Printing

    We design mounts & casings, rapidly prototyped to withstand the real world.