SharePoint Project Rescue

SharePoint Project Rescue

SharePoint is Microsoft’s enterprise content management platform. It can be the most productive place to create and store the documents and content your organisation produces. Dazzling functionality, fully featured, performant and scalable to tens or hundreds of terabytes of documents.

In order to scale to meet those demanding scenarios, SharePoint has to be built to exacting standards.

Getting this right is a multi-disciplinary exercise.

Information Architecture

What information does your organisation produce? Who produces it? Who consumes it? By what axes is it classified? Who is in charge of this taxonomy? How should it be secured? What processes should be in place to ensure quality of design and content? For each of these questions, to what level of depth and detail should you go? Is it the same across all departments?

Get this wrong, and your teams won’t be able to find the documents they create, and saving documents will become a chore. Our team of SharePoint consultants can help by working with you and your organisation to piece together your existing taxonomies and then design them appropriately in SharePoint.

SharePoint Governance

How do you control content sprawl? How do you enable dynamism without compromising platform security or stability? What processes do you have in place for escalation? What maintenance plans do you need to have in place? Do you need to separate style from content? What compliance requirements do you have, and how do you ensure – and prove – that they are being followed? SharePoint governance requires assembling the right team of people. You need the right blend of business domain knowledge, politics and IT skills.

Get this wrong and you risk compliance and legal challenges, missing data, and out-of-date websites. We can help you build and implement your governance plan. We can help you implement your audit and retention processes using SharePoint workflows and information management policies.

Infrastructure Architecture

Whether you are hosting SharePoint on premise, hosting in Azure or using Office 365, there are infrastructure challenges that await you. How do you ensure you can always reach your essential data? How can you leverage server virtualisation without hurting performance? How can you use the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) seamlessly, as if on premise? How can you employ Office 365 or SharePoint Online (Software as a Service – SaaS) and not need all your staff to have yet another password to remember? Can your platform scale? SharePoint is a complex, n-tier application. You need to adopt best-of-breed, constantly adapting industry best practices.

Get this wrong, and your platform could be slow and rapidly fall into disuse. As your system grows, performance could tumble dramatically. Our trained SharePoint architects can design and build SharePoint farms that can scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of users, making best use of physical, virtual or cloud environments.

Software Architecture

SharePoint makes a great platform for custom software. Designed correctly, you can realise the benefits of application portability with the new SharePoint Apps model, and rapid application design with Office tools and Access Services 2013. How do can you design your SharePoint site to look as unique as you desire it to be, without compromising performance and stability? How can you gain the benefits or rapid application development and still follow best practices? How can you have third-party or custom software and still have a safe, fast SharePoint farm?

Get this wrong, and you could find SharePoint impossible to upgrade and keep up-to-date. Get this wrong, and a move to the cloud is impossible. Through the new SharePoint App model, and client-side development techniques, we can deliver fast, functional, secure and robust business systems on top of your SharePoint platform, on premise, in Azure, or in Office 365.

Project Rescue

If you find yourself on the wrong side of any of these scenarios, we can help. Our trained SharePoint consultants have years of experience spanning technical and business skills across the whole SharePoint product line, Microsoft .NET and Windows Server platforms. We can get your back on track. Of course, if you engage us from the start, we can avoid these pitfalls first time round.