SharePoint Consultancy

Getting SharePoint right from the beginning
A SharePoint intranet needs to be designed, not thrown together. Organic growth is fine within a structure, but without that structure it’ll quickly become a mess, holding people back rather than speeding them forward. JFDI’s SharePoint architects can ensure project success by creating the structure that will best serve your business and its people.
Like every other systems project, it all starts with requirements gathering. JFDI consultants know the right questions to ask in order to find out from each department what it needs from a SharePoint Intranet. We piece together the requirements, and come up with an architecture which will best serve all parties. From document storage to records management, from research to reporting, encompassing mobile and cloud technologies.

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If you had a bad experience with SharePoint, and you’re looking to put it right, JFDI also offers a comprehensive SharePoint Project Rescue service.