Software Developer Mentoring

Of course JFDI offers training courses with real-world expert trainers. JFDI also offers consultancy from an extensive background of experience gained over years of working with all our core technologies.

Combine the two, and you have JFDI’s Mentoring Service for Software Developers.

Training courses can only deliver so much. Training takes you away from your project work and focuses on scenarios often unrelated to your real-world software engineering problems. Sometimes developers need much more direct, objective-based help and guidance. JFDI’s Mentoring service provides this. A JFDI consultant, on hand to provide support and solutions, to guide you and speed you through your development tasks.

  • Learn on the job
  • Get your development tasks done quicker
  • Solve your development problems immediately
  • Accelerate your learning AND project work
  • Retain and enrich your development knowledge