Technical Due Diligence Consultancy

Essential intelligence for M&A, VCs, Private Equity

The reassurance you need for investments in IT, software & automation assets.

Why Technical Due Diligence?

Most investors don’t have the in-depth experience required to evaluate technology assets. It’s just not their speciality. But to make good decisions, knowledge is essential.

Where technology is the key asset, TDD specialists like JFDI can give you the detailed analysis, insights & recommendations you need to minimise your risk exposure.

Investing in technology assets?

You need expert evaluation for peace of mind.

JFDI conducts TDD consultancy for clients in all these scenarios:

Private Equity (PE) houses

Venture Capitalists (VCs)


Mergers & acquisitions practitioners

Startup funding rounds

Seeking inward investment

Evaluating project success

The Process

Architecture, Design, Materials

We review in detail the business analysis, system architecture & design, process models, technology stack selection, coding and implementation.

People, Skills, Management, Protocols

We evaluate the people creating the systems, management structure & style, and effectiveness of delivery.

The Good, The Bad and the Risky

We find all the good bits, all the compromises, divergence from best practice, poor execution and technical debt, and detail every risk. We leave no stone unturned, to minimise your risk exposure.

Everything You Need To Understand

We deliver our findings to you as a hierarchy of reports, a board-level presentation, and we grade the technology assets in key areas so you can understand exactly what you’ve got.

Why choose JFDI?

Put simply, our consultants, individually and collectively, have decades of experience of creating technology systems across many diverse industry sectors, with a proven track record of success.

We’re specialists in the PE sector.

We’re trusted advisors to many long-term clients for whom only the best will do.

JFDI’s Technical Due Diligence Consultancy.
A range of packages, to suit any size of investment & complexity of assets.

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