Our accelerated way to drive the development process for our customers

This framework is a developers' way to cherry-pick reusable, proven components to create your commissioned web applications as a service rapidly. It gives them the ability to extend an existing selection of pre-built components and allow our customers to leverage each other's project deliverables. In this way, the development process time can be significantly reduced without compromising security, performance or longevity

Exceptional performance

The performance of every function in our application framework was tirelessly optimised

Developer friendly

JFDI’s developers used all the tricks in the book to make our application framework elements as easy to use as possible, including their versatility, ease of deployment and helpful documentation

Scalable in a predictable way

We enjoy realising our client’s success stories; that’s why we aim to develop every application in an infinitely scalable way. In other words, be better prepared than sorry or missout

Any device, any circumstance

We live in a mobile-first world. JFDI’s application framework (JAF) can support any device and scenario, including touch-sensitivity, geo-location and a top-notch accessibility score

Proven in production

Every JAF project has a set of bespoke requirements. All newly developed components are extensively tested and, when ready, enrich the application framework for all other upcoming projects. Meaning every new customer engagement can leverage our extensive experience and help to develop all applications requested in the future

Designed for everyone

JFDI’s application framework features front-end and back-end components with an industry-standard yet extensible architecture.

DIY developers find it highly customisable. It allows an easy way to create webhooks and APIs that integrate with other systems using REST standards and our QueryBuilder, including YAML-configured Open API/Swagger API.

Applications developed with JFDI’s Application Framework meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards by default, which means they are fully accessible to every user, like modern applications should.

You decide

The framework is ultimately flexible. With an offline-first approach, progressive web app techniques and available accessibility features, applications developed with it can support your business in any scenario.

Fully cloud-based at its core yet offers integration to on-prem, suitable for B2C, B2B, and in-house use. With self-hosted, PaaS & SaaS options and built-in custom configuration, it can truly deliver web applications tailored to your needs.

A Product to Suit Your Needs

Easy-to-use controls for user and group security, keyboard shortcuts supported, backups generated, geolocation usage and top accessibility features; The JFDI Application Framework is the perfect platform for your next software development project.

It allows you to leverage new software capabilities faster than ever before.

Leading technology for your developers

Our framework is based on proven technologies that have been battle-tested in various businesses, including the demanding nature of the Financial and Pharmaceutical sectors. It is your best choice for any scalable in-house software development project.


  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Static Web Apps


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript


Storage Accounts:

  • Blob Storage
  • Table Storage
  • Cosmos DB


  • PowerBI
  • MS Flows
  • HTTP requests