Deploying a Smart Metering solution is hard

  • Cost

    State of the Art Smart Metering is incredibly expensive to implement

  • Impact

    You need to change all your old meters for new, expensive Smart Meters

  • Infrastructure

    Build a LoRaWAN/ Sigfox network – huge investment, variable reliability

  • Tech Limits

    GPRS/4G/5G is expensive to run, and won’t work underground

Then you start to hit real-world people problems

  • Customers

    You were so busy working out how to get data more often you forgot to engage the customer.

  • Hostility

    So are you surprised your customers are uninterested in Smart Metering? Or even hostile?

  • Regulation

    Regulators tell you to reduce consumption, which you can’t do without consumer engagement.

No wonder Smart Metering has been so controversial

  • Waste

    Your current meters still work perfectly well. After all, they were well-engineered with a long lifespan.

  • Compliance

    How does all this rip-out-and-replace fit in with your Environmental and Circular Economy Policies?

There has to be a better way… Eaudometer®

  • Complete

    Eaudometer®️ is an entire end-to-end 3rd Generation Smarter Metering solution

  • Retrofit

    The Eaudometer®️ hardware retrofits to existing water meter stock

  • Versatile

    Eaudometer®️ can even operate from underground water meter pits

  • Simple

    Eaudometer®️ requires no new communications infrastructure

  • Engaging

    Eaudometer®️ has customer engagement built-in

  • Secure

    Eaudometer®️ has bank-level security built-in

  • Reliable

    Eaudometer®️ is built on standards and engineered for toughness

  • Smart

    Eaudometer®️ doesn’t just generate data; it adds insights