JFDI’s Research and Development projects are ongoing, and highly active. From time to time we present our findings and hint on our future directions in a whitepaper. Our latest whitepaper is entitled “Automate Everything” and outlines our initiative to automate more systems, and the gaps between systems, than ever before. You can download the Automate Everything Whitepaper here. To find out more about Automate Everything, and how we see the future of business process automation, see our Automate Everything home page

JFDI comes from ancient roots, in computing terms.

We’ve seen a lot of technology bubbles come and go: islands of tech which come along in a blaze of marketing and PR, promising to revolutionise everything, and then disappear into obscurity when they fail to deliver.

Some of these islands of tech return years or decades later, when the technology exists to enable the realisation of the early promise. Some resurgent technologies get incorporated into something altogether bigger, better, more all-encompassing.

We think this is happening again.

But this time, it’s going to change the human world in profound ways, and forever.