Motivate Everyone, we said. Applying Gamification to business software design to better engage users. It’s amazing where that thought process can lead.

We needed something to engage people to interact with us at the European SharePoint Conference and other public engagements. Giveaways don’t really work. Pens are just pens, sweets and chocolate are gone in minutes along with the carefully branded wrapping. Prize draws are lame and archaic. Competitions can work, but where’s the theme? So, we thought, let’s Motivate Everyone with a competition giveaway!

But we’re JFDI. We don’t just hope to Motivate Everyone, we aim to Automate Everything too. So we had to come up with something that would allow us to use the latest technology to automate the processing of competition entries. And lo, the JFDI Motivate Everyone Pedometer Challenge was born.

JFDI Motivate Everyone pedometerWe sourced hundreds of pedometers, appropriately branded. So that’s the competition mechanism sorted… we just give them away with some instructions, and people walk to achieve the highest possible step count in a day. Entries by Twitter, with a hashtagged step count and a photo of the pedometer as proof.

Next, we created a Microsoft Flow, just shortly after this exciting new technology went live. It listens for appropriate tweets, ingests them, parses out the sender, photo and step count, and places all the collected data into a SharePoint list. A page with a couple of views serves as our leaderboard.

Much quality champagne has been enjoyed since by our winners, and they even get some of our consultancy time into the bargain. Maybe we’ll be able to Automate Everything and Motivate Everyone for them too.

Our Pedometer Challenge Microsoft Flow

Our Tweet-parsing Azure Function