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Brighton, East Sussex
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Are you a maker, hacker, Arduino enthusiast, electronics wiz, always hooking up stuff to solve problems? Want to make your hobby into a career?

Don’t work a boring day job and leave your hobby to your spare time… come and live your dreams with us.

We’re passionate about computer science and proud of our R&D capability. Where other people see limitations, we see opportunities. We strive to make advances in IT that are genuinely relevant and applicable to real-world business challenges. It’s not about the glory of discovery, it’s the satisfaction of seeing that discovery drive business growth.  We’re obsessed with integration, automation and gamification.

Job Description

We are looking for a new R&D intern with the enthusiasm, energy and passion to create real world problem solving inventions.  You’ll be forever learning new things, with professional kit and the latest components.  You’ll be taking ideas and running with them, creating prototypes and developing them through to real-wold trials.  We do the whole job, from concept to final consumer-ready design, so the work is challenging and diverse.  You’ll be programming micro controllers, selecting sensors, designing electronics and circuit boards, creating 3D designs for casings and mounts, creating web front ends & dashboards, and doing it all in an environment with the resources to turn your ideas into reality.

This is a paid intern position, located in Brighton UK.  Permanent employment may be offered upon successful review.


Unit 2, Fairway Business Centre
Westergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4JZ

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