Welcome to Bobb – the brain for Industry 4.0, IoT, Smart Buildings & Smart Farming.
Bobb sucks in data from anywhere, takes actions through rules you define, and harmonises devices from different manufacturers.

To Bobb, any data source is a sensor. Bobb knows what’s on or off, online or offline, hot or cold. Bobb is aware of time, timezone, season and geography. Bobb knows about weather conditions, traffic conditions and anything else there’s a data feed for. Bobb can track locations of plant or product or personnel.  Bobb presents you with unified alerting and reporting, with an easy to use dashboard to keep abreast of what your smart building is doing.

The Internet of Things is an emergent technology which solves real-world problems using many small interconnected devices.  Although this field has seen considerable growth over the past decade, particularly in relation to Smart Buildings and Smart Factories, there remains a lack of systems for orchestration and automation of IoT devices, especially for industry. Additionally, many IoT systems employ proprietary protocols, with one manufacturer’s systems unable to interact with another’s.  This has created a perceived “lock-in” to just one manufacturer, consequently increasing resistance to adoption.

Smart Buildings enhance the working environment they provide for their human inhabitants.  They measure energy usage in order to support efforts to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.  For all this to work well, Smart Buildings have to keep track of human presence; Bobb tracks human presence using a combination of different technologies working in unison.

Bobb supports all leading Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Agriculture systems, with an ongoing programme to integrate new devices. Bobb is also supported by JFDI’s range of low-energy sensors, built to sense everything any business needs to know.

Bobb runs in The Cloud, and is available from June 2019 as a subscription service. For secure communication with local-only devices, local rules processing and offline capabilities, a Bobb Local device is required.

Subscribe to Bobb from just £29.99 per month, and buy a Bobb Local from only £299.

Bobb puts the Smart into Smart Buildings.
Bobb puts the Smart into Smart Agriculture.
Bobb is the brain for the Internet of Things.

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