JFDI and Dox42 have entered into a mutual partnership, bringing to JFDI’s clients the power of the market-leading document-generation platform.


Document generation is a key part of many business processes, and being able to automate it is essential. There are many solutions for doing this job, and JFDI has historically created its own tools for generating documents. But having met with Dox42 on a number of occasions and seeing the product’s feature set and capabilities in depth, JFDI became convinced that this was the right way of integrating document generation into any system. Dox42 is architecturally and technically superior to any other similar solution on the market.

Joel Jeffery, JFDI’s Director of Consulting, said:

dox42 is simply the best-of-breed document generation platform, able to integrate data from any source. JFDI is proud to be a dox42 partner, adding dox42’s impressive set of document generation capabilities to our clients’ automation armoury.

JFDI is ready to provide design, implementation and integration services for Dox42 clients, and we look forward to working with the company and its excellent people in the long term.