JFDI Labs’ Eaudometer® smarter metering system has been shortlisted for the New Civil Engineer Awards 2019, having been nominated by Southern Water earlier this year.

Eaudometer® is a set of technologies in the category of “smart metering”. The hardware portion can be deployment by water utility companies on top of existing meter stock, or incorporated into new concentric flow meters. Eaudometer® incorporates an intelligent backend system allowing consumers to easily and automatically “tag” their water usage, then opt-in and finely tune a series of gentle, helpful, informative reminders about water saving, in order to promote long-term water savings. This is likely to aid consumers to “do the right thing” far more effectively than the standard water company strategy of merely providing them with more data, which is seen by most consumers as information overload rather than helpful.

Eaudometer® aims to support water utility companies and consumers in achieving economies of water consumption to mitigate the future shortfall of supply highlighted at the Waterwise Conference 2019.

Read more about Eaudometer here.