Helping the homeless at Christmas

It’s easy to forget, when you’re safe and warm and tucking into a slap-up meal paid for by your company, that just outside there are some far less fortunate people. Right now there are more homeless people than ever before on the streets of Britain. It’s shocking in such an affluent country that people should be allowed to just fall out the bottom of society. Yet there they are. Hundreds die each winter, many at shockingly young ages compared to usual 21st century western-world life expectancies.

JFDI was founded by people and is run by people, with an ethos which is kindness-first. We realise how fortunate we are, and try to give back whenever we can. So while we were setting a budget for our Christmas party, it struck us just how indulgent the holiday period is. Companies spend thousands every year, so their fortunate, employed staff can eat and drink and be merry. So perhaps the least they could do is give something back.

So we decided to match our Christmas party budget with an equal donation to homeless charities, who are best-placed to help the homeless at Christmas, as they do around the year. It’s a relatively small thing, but we encourage all our clients and suppliers to do the same. Let’s stand together in trying to help homeless people have a little comfort and dignity at Christmas.