JFDI has been hard at work during the Covid-19 pandemic, with most of our client work forging ahead in anticipation of the world’s inevitable eventual return to “business as usual”. But we’ve managed to squeeze in quite a lot of other activities too…

two Euro banknotes

We worked on a brand new client project to help them work with staff to nominate suitable Covid-19 related charities and projects to receive a donation from a brand new £25M Covid-19 charity fund. Staff report their own donations, collected individually or in teams, and the client will match every donation 5:1! Phase one of this technically innovative solution was created over a long weekend and is being developed further to support the various phases of the project.

Microsoft Teams Logo
Microsoft Teams – secure, reliable collaboration

Microsoft Teams has been our invaluable go-to meeting and collaboration space for the past couple of years. But during the Covid-19 crisis, with everyone forced to work from home, it’s really come into its own. It even became a virtual seminar space during our very popular recent free webinar aimed at helping all those people new to Teams and home-working. Over two hundred people joined us from 25 different countries!

3D printed face shields – barrier protection from Covid-19 aerosols

Two of our colleagues have been hard at work in their spare time using our 3D printing lab to produce 3D printed face shields for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers to help the effort spearheaded by 3DCrowd, the very well organised consortium of companies, makers and enthusiasts aimed at meeting the national shortage of PPE head-on.

Covid-19 supermarket queues
Self-isolating? 45-minute supermarket queues? No delivery slots? Local businesses to the rescue!

Since the supermarkets and their supply chains were caught short by the sudden demand for home deliveries and the restrictions of social distancing, many small local businesses have heroically stepped up to the challenge. Farms, farm shops, corner shops and local grocers have started offering local deliveries for households who are vulnerable and self-isolating, or anyone wanting to avoid the risks of going to big shops. Sometimes they’ve ended up working night and day, overstretching their very limited resources. As automation specialists, JFDI realised we could significantly help these companies. So we’ve also been offering free automation consultancy to any small local business suddenly finding itself providing essential community support. Simple automations can be quick and easy to implement and save huge amounts of time – “easy wins” that replace lengthy, tedious retyping or copy-and-paste operations; or just a simple order form they can direct all their new enquiries to, so the customers do most of the work and everything’s kept in one, nice orderly list.

Silicon Brighton logo & slogan
Silicon Brighton – a unique technology leadership & innovation forum

Later this month, on April 30th, we’ll also be taking part in Silicon Brighton’s online fundraising mega-event in aid of the NHS. Our R&D Director Jon Silver will be repeating his hugely popular Silicon Brighton session on Real-World AI & Automation for Business, exploring what’s possible & practical, the risks, dangers and benefits, and how AI & Machine Learning fit into automation. Ike Gluski (Business Development Lead) will be presenting his introduction to Microsoft Teams.

Please get in touch to find out more about any of these projects and activities. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home and protect our NHS.