JFDI Consulting is bringing its Automate Everything message to the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce this October, November and December. The hugely popular Chamber Breakfasts are one of the most popular local networking events for business, featuring inspiring speakers from every type of organisation and walk of life.

JFDI’s Automate Everything is an initiative borne of our collective mission to bring together all kinds of automation under one umbrella, and in doing so remove the mystique surrounding automation technologies. JFDI believes automation is a force for good – not only affecting key KPIs by reducing costs and increasing profits, but also improving the working lives of your staff. Automation can give your staff superpowers – by removing frustration, tedium, repetitive tasks, and the kind of work humans don’t do well, their productivity can soar. Improvements in morale lead to greater well-being, lower rates of absenteeism, and better staff retention. And that’s good for everyone.

The Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce is all about people doing business with people – so JFDI’s Automate Everything is a proud & fitting sponsor of these premier events.

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