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At JFDI we aspire to inform the world what we’re up to. Sometimes we post news articles, blogs, guides and whitepapers. We also have a presence on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here, we attempt to draw all the threads together into one coherent hub of communications.

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Blog Articles

Blogs express our opinions or showcase what we’ve been working on.

Gamification and IoT

Vasilis Gkogkidis is a gamification consultant working with JFDI’s partner company and leading gamification consultancy Gamification+. Here’s his take on how gamification and the internet of things relate to each other.

SharePoint Thing-A-Day

Our Technical Director Joel has lots to say about SharePoint. So he created a series of short informative videos. One per day. It’s #SPThingADay!

BMW Joins Cars to The Internet of Things

BMW is the first car manufacturer to join its cars to the Internet of Things, with its BMW Labs IFTTT Widget for Connected Drive. See what JFDI’s R&D Director Jon Silver did with this new technology.

The Six Pillars of Great Intranets

Do you have an Intranet at work? If you have to work with colleagues on documents, chances are you do. Do you love it? Do you hate it? At JFDI we thought long and hard about what makes a good one. We’d like to share with you our top tips for Intranet success.

Microsoft Flow driven Pedometer Challenge Twitter competition

Motivate Everyone, we said. Applying Gamification to business software design to better engage users. It's amazing where that thought process can lead. We needed something to engage people to interact with us at the European SharePoint Conference and other public...


When we have something to tell the world, it’s news.

Waterwise Conference 2019

At the Waterwise Conference in London Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, warned that the UK could face climate change related water shortages within 25 years. JFDI’s Eaudometer® could help.

We’re Hiring

JFDI is hiring. If your skills are top-notch, you love learning, and want to be at the leading edge of technology, solving real-world problems in a relaxed, fun company, take a look at our jobs.

SharePoint Thing-A-Day

Our Technical Director Joel has lots to say about SharePoint. So he created a series of short informative videos. One per day. It’s #SPThingADay!

JFDI Pedometer Challenge!

How to enter 1. Take a JFDI Motivate Everyone pedometer 2. Walk! 3. At end of day, tweet a photo of the pedometer with your step count: @JFDIConsulting #steps nnnn The highest step count wins one hour of consultancy from JFDI, and a bottle of Ian Kellett's Old...

European SharePoint Conference 2016

JFDI is a sponsor of the European SharePoint Conference. We’ll be there, with SharePoint solutions to Automate Everything and Motivate Everyone.

BHCC’s The Future of the Workplace

Come and see some of the cool future tech we've been working on at JFDI, and hear ourR&D Director Jon Silver speak about our vision of how technologies like The Internet of Things, Big Data and 3D Printing will shape the workplaces of the near-future....