Aardvark for Microsoft Teams – Business Process Management Tool

Take control of any multi-stage process

Microsoft Teams is a great place for working together. But there’s nowhere to manage your processes. That’s where Aardvark comes in. Manage any process in the same collaborative workspace you use for everything else.

Drag & Drop

with touch screen friendly controls you can easily manage your Aardvark records with any compatible device

Integrated discussion

Because Aardvark works inside Microsoft Teams, you get rich discussion and other collaboration features that work the same as in all your other teams and channels

Sales Pipeline Edition

Create new sales prospects, advance opportunities as they progress through your identified sales process

Intuitive Organisation

Aardvark makes it easy to organise any process related record and move the item between specified stages

Visualise Your Statistics

Simple, easy to read charts show at a glance how many records are at each stage of the process, and help identify bottlenecks

  • Average time saved using Aardvark’s focus automation 35% 35%
  • Customer observed productivity increase 58% 58%
  • User adoption of Microsoft Teams  80% 80%
  • Customer satisfaction with Aardvark 99.98% 99.98%

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  • Works inside Microsoft Teams
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Meaningful flexible charts
  • Microsoft stack Compatible
  • Automate with Microsoft Flows


Sensitive data? Aardvark for Teams stores its data in the organisation’s own corporate Microsoft 365 tenancy, leveraging Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Office Graph. Nothing leaves your control.



Manage related documents and conversations directly in a dedicated channel. Add Aardvark for Teams to a Channel or Team multiple times, providing a familiar Kanban style view in a Teams Tab.


Drag and drop Aardvark records to move them between process stages. Each Tab can be configured to roll up data from the Channel or across the entire Team.

Your Data

Your data is yours, held completely independently from Aardvark, so you’ll always have access to your data regardless of whether you still have a paid subscription to the Aardvark service.


Customise the data for your process by adding custom columns. Aardvarks’ interface adapts to support your custom fields. Use data anywhere including Power Platform, Flows or gain analytical insights with Power BI.



Coming Soon! Enhance the Aardvark experience further. Multi-currencies, as an example, can collect live currency exchange rates which are updated daily. These additional features are enabled inside the app with more add-ons being added…

Use Cases

“Please feel free to swipe through the use cases below to discover more ways you can employ me to make your business more productive”

I always look forward to helping new customers, Aardy

Virtual Assistant, JFDI Consulting Ltd

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& customise your Aardvark Bespoke Edition to manage any process driven output in the same Microsoft Teams driven kanban view workspace

Sales Pipeline

Our sales pipeline edition of Aardvark brings order to your sales opportunities. Each team can represent a product area or department. Each channel can be a vertical market and you can use Aardvark in multiple tabs for competing sales teams.

Sales Focus

  • At every stage of the sales process Aardvark will highlight the most important information in red
  • Additionally, the rest of the fields give you a necessary feedback, so you don’t have to look fro the details nowhere else

Campaign Engine

Easily view the status of your marketing campaigns. Direct resources at key process stages. Encourage a more collaborative approach to campaigning, improving the relevance of generated campaign ideas and the quality of going out to market sectors

Campaign Focus

  • Brainstorm over the new campaign idea by automated brainstorming session
  • Prepare agenda, strategy and other vital information and store them in the record
  • Request a new digital asset or add already existing one to the campaign
  • Keep the campaign within a budget thanks to the automated assistant

Content Generator

Microsoft Teams is a great place for teams to collaborate. But some activities just aren’t catered for out of the box. And your old CRM just doesn’t fit in. If you are looking for ways to generate precise content in a collaborative way, look no further, look to Aardvark Content Edition

Content Focus

  • Streamline your content production process with Aardvark Content Edition
  • Read the brief, pick coworkers and the workspace, add the assets and mark the deadline in the calendar
  • All this from the single record you created

Staff record more data at each stage, because it’s easy


Management visibility of the whole mapped process, in summary or detail


Direct your limited resources to key stages 


Collaboration between teams increases quantity and quality of a process output


Morale and motivation improves through collaborative working


Duplication of effort eliminated

Request JFDI professional services to help with your bespoke edition of Aardvark – from Sales Pipeline to Backlog management with Gamification features and more Add-Ons coming soon…

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