Supported Hardware & Software

Bobb works with a huge range of hardware and software platforms, which is expanding all the time. If you’d like us to support something new, please contact us about it.


These families of devices all have native support built into Bobb, as long as you’re happy to securely pair accounts.


JFDI Labs’ Bobb-Local is a device which acts as a local hub to bring together many items of home automation equipment which aren’t securely cloud or Internet connected, and connect them all to Bobb. It supports the following technologies and activities:

  • Apple Siri
  • JFDI Labs Personal Device WiFi Presence
  • Bobb Announce
  • Sound Alerts
  • Z-Wave
  • Phillips Hue
  • Ikea Trådfri (via Hue)
  • Lifx
  • Belkin Wemo
  • Kodi Media Center
  • Device Online Status (Ping)
  • Wake On LAN


JFDI Labs’ Bobb-RF is an Internet-connected standalone device that connects your 433MHz equipment to Bobb. This includes RF-controlled sockets from a number of vendors. Bobb-RF can take commands from the remote controls that come with such sockets. If a device can be reprogrammed with an arbitrary code, Bobb-RF can stand in the middle, arbitrating communications between remote and socket, providing additional automation, and allowing many other kinds of device to be controlled from a simple and cheap RF remote control.

  • 433MHz RF sockets/actuators
  • 433MHz remote controls


JFDI Labs’ Bobb-IR is a device that learns and emits commands from Infra Red remote controls, in order to bring Bobb control to many more devices. Bobb-IR works with any 38kHz Infra-Red remote controlled device for which you have the original remote.

  • Air Conditioners
  • TV & A/V equipment


JFDI Labs’ Bobb Announce is a series of devices which facilitate communications from Bobb to humans via voice announcements, sound alerts and visual displays. A realistic human voice can offer information or warnings from any text, play sounds, or display scrolling, colourful messages. Bobb-Announce is one of the action types supportes by the Bobb Rules Engine.

  • JFDI Labs Bobb-Announce Standalone
  • JFDI Labs Bobb Pixel Displays
    • Panel
    • Ticker
    • Ring

JFDI Labs Sensors

JFDI Labs designs ultra low-power sensors for Bobb which can be battery powered for years on a set of batteries, or mains powered. Our sensors can measure pretty much anything you need to measure. We also produce weatherproof long-range versions of our sensors for Smart Farming/Smart Agriculture and large Smart Building installations.

  • JFDI Labs THePaLM WiFi Multisensors (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Light, Movement)
  • JFDI Labs WiFi Gas Monitors (CO, CO2, Methane, Air Quality)
  • JFDI Labs Air Quality PM2.5 (particulates) WiFi Sensor
  • JFDI Labs Car Parking Sensors
    • Occupancy
    • Unuathorised Occupancy
  • JFDI Labs Presence/People Counting
    • Doorway People Counter model US or IR
    • Device Sniffer model WF or BT
    • BreathDetect
  • JFDI Labs Eaudometer® Smarter Water Metering
  • JFDI Labs Door/Window Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Vibration Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Motion Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Magnetic Field Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Moisture Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Touch Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Distance/Proximity Sensors
  • JFDI Labs Ultra Violet (UV) Sensors

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