A powerful platform for businesses to collaborate and share information

Yet challenging to customise SharePoint to meet specific business needs

  • Compatible

    Our web parts are built for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. This guarantees full functionality in both environments. Use them to enhance the visual aspect of your site collections and Teams Tab

  • Easily Deployed

    When you buy our web parts, they are yours. After purchase, you will be able to deploy your new web parts to any number of site collections within your Microsoft 365 tenancy

  • Responsive

    No matter what size or type of screen you use. Menus created with our web parts will work beautifully with a mouse or touch screens

  • Your Data

    Your data is yours. Our web parts ONLY store all their data within your Microsoft 365 Tenancy. Nothing leaves your controlled environment

  • Customisable

    Hexa, Laylinx and our bundled UI/UX Web Parts were designed to allow you to set them up quickly. After setup, users find them intuitive and very easy to use

  • Navigation

    Convoluted menus are overwhelming. Represent URL destinations in a clear, graphical way. Complex site collections become easier to navigate

Our web parts are designed and developed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that everyone can access and interact with them effectively

At JFDI, we pride ourselves on creating inclusive and accessible digital experiences for all users. We understand the importance of web accessibility and are committed to adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards. Read more…

Hexa Web Part (Standalone)

£ 198 /pcm (+VAT)

Hexagonal navigation for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams (Tenancy)

JFDI Hexa Web Part Box Art

  • A tiled array of hexagon navigation
  • Each tile can be linked with URLs
  • Each tile supports background images

JFDI Web Parts (Bundle)

£ 799 /pcm (+VAT)

(Per Microsoft 365 Tenancy or SharePoint Server)

  • Includes all SharePoint UI/UX JFDI web parts
  • Over 60% Discount
  • Built for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Unlimited deployment to your Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • No data leaves your Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • Responsive layout design on all devices
  • Easy to setup and use

Laylinx Web Part (Standalone)

£ 176 /pcm (+VAT)

Image map solution for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams (Tenancy)
JFDI Laylinx Web Part Box Art

  • Apply links to any elements on any size image
  • Scales with images to fit any size web part zone
  • Supports any image format