Software Engineering: Firmware

Sense your environment.

Control your physical systems.

Make your buildings smart.

Gain efficiency, reduce costs.

Green your carbon footprint, improve working spaces.

And crucially, glean insights from new data gathering and analytics.

JFDI isn’t just a software house, it’s a systems integrator. We’ve learned over decades that the more systems we can link up and automate, the stronger those systems become as business tools. You gain efficiency, cost savings and above all, sources of data points for analytics, business intelligence, and ultimately decision making.

In the 21st century, those linked systems include your physical spaces and their physical systems… heat, light, air conditioning, security, and fire safety.

JFDI implements sensing and control for physical systems using cloud computing, microcontrollers and sensor technologies.

Together with partners in other branches of engineering, we can deliver real benefits for your business by automating the expensive 24/7 systems you take for granted, and tell you new things about the ways in which your facilities are used.

Get in touch for an informal chat, tell us about your systems, and see what JFDI can offer you.

JFDI – Automate Everything