Carbon Neutral

Since October 2021

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10 Months

of climate impact
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232.72 tons

Carbon reduction


Trees in their forest

How JFDI offset historical carbon footprint

The journey to becoming a low carbon business started with 100% remote working for all staff during the pandemic lockdown, with a unanimous decision not to return to the Brighton office. JFDI already ran operations day to day, 100% cloud-based. Then set a target to offset all historical carbon emissions going back to the companies inception in 2001. @Ecologi helped first offset those ongoing carbon emissions with tree planting, then with additional commitment from JFDI to support climate projects around the World. The final eco-policy enacted was, wherever possible, staff now minimise all business travel.

Sustainability goals

Are always part of the culture and ecosystem at JFDI. When operating from the offices in Brighton, we took advantage wherever possible to consolidate, automate, and optimise the building facilities. Using #Bobb, our automation and orchestration service, to reduce all types of energy usage. Now in use for our home working environments.

JFDI are very proud to display the following Ecologi achievements:

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Worldwide climate projects JFDI are currently supporting

Our funding is directly impacting atmospheric CO2 levels in Chile, Indonesia, India and Bulgaria

Waste biomass to produce electricity

Producing electricity from waste industrial biomass in Chile

Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia

Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia

Onshore wind in India

Producing 8.4MW of renewable electricity through wind power in India

Renewable wind energy in Bulgaria

Harnessing the power of wind energy to produce electricity in Bulgaria