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Industry 4.0

At JFDI we love automation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening, and JFDI is developing technologies to drive that change. Industry 4.0 refers to Smart Manufacturing or Smart Factories, in which machines are augmented with wireless connectivity and sensors, connected to a system that can visualise the entire production line and make decisions on its own – such as JFDI’s Bobb.

Real-World AI & Automation for Business version 2!

Real-World AI & Automation for Business version 2!

R&D Director Jon Silver presents all the available automation technologies, how they all fit together, what’s possible and practical with real-world examples and even costings, and an exploration of all the risks and rewards

Supported Hardware & Software

Bobb works with a huge range of hardware and software platforms, which is expanding all the time. If you’d like us to support something new, please contact us about it. Internet-Connected These families of devices all have native support built into Bobb, as long...

Bobb – the Smart in Smart Buildings

Products Read the Bobb Case Studies! The Internet of Things: Great for Smart Buildings, Smart Farming and Industry 4.0? Or lots of disparate devices sending data to various smartphone apps or proprietary hubs, with no central processing, rules or orchestration? Like a...