• JFDI develop a new platform for the pharmaceutical industry

    24 June 2022

    A new scalable solution for the pharmaceutical industry. We love sharing exciting news, but sometimes we must wait for the time to be suitable for our customers. Today, we can finally announce that we have developed and are hosting a new, scalable platform for the pharmaceutical industry. Putnum PHMR‘s iValue platform is a multi-tenancy, knowledge […]

  • AutoTag v2 relaunches as a static web app

    24 March 2022

    AutoTag v2 relaunches and is now cloud-based We have enabled improved access to our AutoTag SharePoint services by repositioning it for your convenience to the cloud. AutoTag is an automation feature for applying metadata to list items or files across SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server. Until recently, it was only accessible as a SharePoint Application. […]