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Case Study: Utility Company R&D

Case Study: Utility Company R&D

A leading UK utility company came to JFDI with key questions: could they do smart metering without the massive infrastructure investment? And could they engage & incentivise consumers to make usage savings too?

Bobb – the Smart in Smart Buildings

Smart Building Technology

Originally published as a guest blog for Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce JFDI were proud to participate in the Chamber’s Future of the Workplace event in September 2016. As well as answering delegates’ questions about our vision of how the...

BHCC’s The Future of the Workplace

Come and see some of the cool future tech we’ve been working on at JFDI, and hear ourR&D Director Jon Silver speak about our vision of how technologies like The Internet of Things, Big Data and 3D Printing will shape the workplaces of the near-future....