“JFDI replaced our paper-based inspection forms in SharePoint, saving my team days of effort each month.”Chris Phillips, Business Systems Manager, Countryside Properties

Mobile Application Forms Submitter

JFDI needed to support Countryside Properties in making the life of their construction site inspectors easier. JFDI were able to reinvent and optimise the way those inspectors now work completely. Instead of scanned paper documentation described with metadata and uploaded into the correct repository, JFDI implemented a complete digital transformation.

Automatic Tagging and Filing

JFDIs’ solution empowers its inspectors to conduct full inspection reports directly on mobile devices.

Fully formed, including supplementary photos or files, enabling them to complete the entire process onsite.

When the inspector submits the form, the system adds necessary metadata and stores it in a predefined structure inside SharePoint.

Mobile inspection forms for Countryside Properties

Eradicating Human Error

Thanks to JFDIs’ solution, inspectors saved a significant amount of time.

It was observed that the introduction of human error throughout the form submission process was alleviated. In addition, by going digital, any environmental impacts were lessened.

Metadata On-route

All documentation was to be searchable and identifiable within the target document library. JFDI created a precise taxonomy and automated the description process to reduce the amount of work needed to describe files. When the construction site inspection report is uploaded into SharePoint, the system adds metadata and stores the information most appropriately and automatically.


Paper files can get damaged easily, and their transcription to digital is burdened with the scanning and describing of the process. JFDI enabled Countryside Properties personnel to conduct inspections using their mobile devices, automatically uploaded with metadata applied ready for SharePoint.

Client overview

Countryside Properties plc

Country or Region:
United Kingdom


Company Profile:
Countryside Properties PLC is a public limited company with over 1900 employees.

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