Our R&D activities have resulted in several groundbreaking products and packaged services.

Aardvark for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great collaborative workspace. But where’s your sales pipeline? With Aardvark Sales for Teams, it’s right there in the same place where you do everything else.


Smart Metering doesn’t engage customers. Data doesn’t change behaviour. Eaudometer® is smart metering reinvented; an engaging, behaviour-influencing, retrofit system for the water industry.

Bobb - The Smart in Smart Buildings

Bobb gets all your Smart Building/Smart Home/Internet of Things devices working together, regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

Bobb collects your data and controls all your stuff with rules you create.

Bobb is the Smart in Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Agriculture.


jimages is a fast, convenient REST API web service that resizes and crops your images.