JFDI – the who, what & why

We’re an information systems consultancy,
focused on improving business processes.

We’re obsessed with integration, automation and gamification

Why integration?

Because things work better when they’re joined up.


Why automation?

Because humans are typically slow and prone to making mistakes.

Why gamification?

Because engaged users lead to greater business success.

How we’re different

JFDI offers a unique blend of consultancy, training and software development.

Whereas many of our competitors offer an “intranet in a box”, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Flexibility is key. Our technical knowledge and skills can be applied to any business problem in any industry sector.


We’re inquisitive and visionary, acting as an IT think tank for many SMEs and corporate clients. We’re pioneers of the Internet of Things because the IoT has the ability to connect workflow processes, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and data warehousing. Once connected, your business can harness each one’s true power.


At JFDI, we always have our clients’ best interests at heart. Rather than creating complex hardware and then charging the earth for it, we develop cost-effective, user-friendly solutions. We’re also very likeable people, which is important if you’re working with us on a long-term project!

Our star qualities

  • Expert – We’ve been described as “technically brilliant”, “technology gurus” who “work fast and effectively”. We have a proven track record in using technology to turn businesses around.
  • Business focused – We look beyond IT to understand an organisation’s goals. We help clients to keep pace with ever-changing processes, delivering a healthy ROI to those who invest in our IT solutions.
  • Passionate – We genuinely love what we do and are committed to finding the best possible solution for every client. We live and breathe IT – our offices are an experimentation and demonstration lab.
  • Innovative – The tech industry is evolving every day and our enquiring minds are spearheading that evolution. Faster broadband, new software and the IOT present boundless opportunities for business.
  • Ethical – We’re honest and reliable. We don’t get caught up in office politics; we do what’s right for your organisation as a whole. Our focus is on adding tangible value through IT, improving your workflow and delivering cost savings.

Our core competencies

  • Microsoft Azure App Service, Function Apps, Flows, Logic Apps, Power Apps  and Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFX)
  • JavaScript/ES6-10, React JS, Node JS, Node-Red
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC, MVC Core
  • HTML 5, CSS3
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Storage, CosmosDB, MongoDB, Power BI
  • Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • ARM, STM, ATMEL, Arduino and Espressif Microcontrollers
  • Semtech SX127x & LoRa RF technologies
  • Ultra low-power electronics design
  • Printed circuit board design
  • Product design, rapid prototyping
  • 3D design & 3D printing

Consultancy, Training, Software Engineering

A few facts about JFDI…

  • msgoldpartnerMicrosoft Gold Certified Partner.
  • a provider of technology consultancy, R&D consultancysoftware developmenttraining, technical due-diligence and think-tank services for SMEs and corporates.
  • experts in SharePoint Implementation, SharePoint Development and SharePoint Administration.
  • founded in 2001 by Jon Silver and Joel Jeffery.
  • provides expert help and troubleshooting for other consultancy companies and development houses.
  • business-process focused and open to any technology that is provenreliable, and appropriate.