Aardvark Sales Pipeline for Microsoft Teams

Because Sales doesn’t need to be “aardvark”.

Microsoft Teams is a great place for teams to collaborate. But sales activities just aren’t catered for. And your old CRM just doesn’t fit in.
Aardvark Sales for Teams to the rescue. Manage your sales pipeline in the same collaborative workspace you use for everything else.

Aardvark Sales for Teams brings order to your sales opportunities. Each team can represent a product area or department. Each channel can be a vertical market and you can use Aardvark in multiple tabs for competing sales teams.

Easily view the status of your sales pipeline. Direct resources at key sales opportunities, to close them while they’re hot. Encourage a more collaborative approach to sales, improving the relevance of generated leads and the quality of sales won.

“Aardvark Sales for Teams motivates your sales team to collaboratively win best-fit sales for the company”

Integrated discussion

Because Aardvark works inside Microsoft Teams, you get rich discussion and other collaboration features that work the same as in all your other team activities.

Drag & Drop Organisation

Drag & drop makes it easy to organise your sales pipeline and move sales opportunities between stages

Visualise Your Sales Stats

Simple, easy to read charts show at a glance how many opportunities are at each stage of the pipeline, and help identify bottlenecks.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive to use without user training
  • Stats become meaningful through a flexible collection of charts
  • Compatible with the full Microsoft Office suite including Power BI
  • Extensible & connectable through Microsoft Flow
  • Supports multiple currencies for sales opportunity values


Sensitive sales opportunity data? Aardvark Sales for Teams stores its data in the organisation’s own corporate Office 365 tenancy, leveraging Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Office Graph. Nothing leaves your control.


Manage related documents and conversations directly in the sales channel. Add Aardvark Sales for Teams to a Channel or Team many times, providing a familiar Kanban style view of sales opportunities in a Teams Tab.


Drag and drop sales opportunities to move them between sales pipeline stages. Each Tab can be configured to roll up data from the Channel or across the entire Team.

Your Data

Your data is yours, held completely independently from Aardvark, so you’ll always have access to your data regardless of whether you still have a paid subscription to the Aardvark service.


Customise the data format for your sales opportunities by adding columns in Aardvark’s SharePoint List. Aardvark’s user interface adapts to support your custom fields. It’s a SharePoint List, so you can use your data anywhere in Microsoft Office suite, in Microsoft Flow, and gain insights and analytics with Power BI.


You can track sales opportunities in Aardvark in different currencies, so you can compare the true value of each opportunity. Currency exchange rates are updated daily.

We very quickly saw an uptick in sales, and in the quality of those sales, when we started using Aardvark Sales for Teams

“I got Aardvark Sales for Teams up and running in less than an hour! I then carried on using the customisation features to fit our unique requirements and had the solution delivered to my sales team by the end of that business day.”

Pete Jenkins, CEO, Gamification Plus

Aardvark delivers results fast

Sales staff record more data about each opportunity, because it’s easy
Management visibility of the whole sales pipeline, in summary or detail
Direct limited resources to key opportunities 
Collaboration between sales teams increases quantity and quality of sales
Morale and motivation improves through collaborative working
Duplication of effort eliminated

A good sales pipeline solution can surprise, inspire and transform your business. It can provide a clearly stated purpose of your sales direction and reach the goals you are striving for.  The best sales strategies go hand in hand with corporate philosophy and culture helping guide a company from the present to the future.”

Aardvark Pricing & Editions

All editions have these standard features:

  • Works inside Microsoft Teams
  • Install in multiple teams and on multiple tabs
  • Roll-up view across multiple teams & tabs
  • Your data in your Office 365 tenancy
  • Fully customisable data fields
  • See sales stats grahically with charts
  • Extend with Microsoft Flow
  • Drag & drop management of sales opportunities
  • Coming soon! Gamification features!

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