Bobb – the Smart in Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things:
Great for Smart Buildings, Smart Farming and Industry 4.0?

Or lots of disparate devices sending data to various smartphone apps or proprietary hubs, with no central processing, rules or orchestration?

Like a body where all the limbs just do their own thing.

The Internet of Things needs a brain.

Meet Bobb.

Bobb unites all these disparate parts into one coherent system.

Bobb creates a single database of current & recent data, with a single set of rules working on that data.

Bobb lets you know the bad news, so you can act on it.

To Bobb, any data source is a sensor. Bobb is aware of time, timezone, season and geography. Bobb knows about weather conditions, traffic conditions, environmental conditions.

Bobb can track locations of plant or product or personnel.

Bobb supports all leading Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Agriculture systems. Bobb is supported by JFDI’s range of low-energy sensors, built to sense everything any business needs to know.

Bobb puts the Smart into Smart Buildings.

Bobb puts the Smart into Smart Agriculture.

Bobb is the brain for the Internet of Things.

Bobb runs in The Cloud as a subscription service, in a shared tenancy or private instance. For secure communication with local-only devices, or standalone offline operation, a Bobb-Local device is required.

For a list of supported third-party hardware and software, click here.

Bobb Stories

Bobb is useful for so many things. So we thought we’d tell you about some of the ways we’ve already used Bobb to solve real-world problems. Just click on a story below for chapter-and-verse on what Bobb can do. There are loads more use cases out there… if you want to know if Bobb could solve your problems too, let us know!


Our dear JFDI family were freezing in winter & roasting in summer. Bobb and a few ingenious retrofits to the rescue!

Predictive Maintenance

Bobb turns telemetry into intelligence, enabling predictive maintenance, scheduled replacement & breakdown warnings.

ML Data Collection

Machine Learning is great at detecting patterns, but not in raw data. Bobb adds vital context to Machine Learning data sets.

Safety Cutoffs

With Bobb, nothing is ever a risk to health & safety (or an expensive waste of energy) just because someone forgot to turn it off.

Incompatible Tech?

With Bobb there’s no such thing as incompatible. Everything works together, or we’ll make it work together.

Actions on Data

Bobb doesn’t care where data came from. Bobb rules can fire on any data event, and take actions on informed decisions.

Multilayered Security

Smart Building security is just so single-factor. Make it multilayered with Bobb.

Family Movie Time

Relax with snacks, get lost in the movie, enjoy some family time, and let Bobb take care of the niggly details.

Meeting/Presentation Time

Concentrate on the meeting, not the setup. Let Bobb configure your multifunction spaces for the mode you need now.

Perfect Working Environment

It’s difficult to achieve the perfect environmental conditions in any office. Let Bobb do all the hard work.

Perfect Lighting

Lighting is fundamental to human comfort in Smart Buildings. Bobb sets perfect lighting at any time of day.

Bobb is an ideal platform for:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Factories
  • Smart Agriculture/Farming
  • Facilities Management
  • Smart Architecture
  • Smart Parking
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Retrofit Smart Tech
  • Design & Build
  • New Build
  • Smart Cities